Our mission is to connect people seeking work in the Žitný ostrov (Rye Island) region. We help to build a high-quality local labour market standing on the pillars of professionalism, career growth, diversity and fair offers. We broker services and job offers mainly to companies and people looking for work in our region.


We offer comprehensive services in the area of payroll accounting and human resources. Along with the calculation of salaries and preparation of annual tax settlements for employees, we also handle complete labour and legal documentation and contact with social insurance and health insurance companies. We offer personnel consultancy and advisory services in the area of obligations stipulated by the Labour Code.


We provide simple and double-entry bookkeeping for trade-licence holders and small, medium-sized and large enterprises. 

We provide:

  • comprehensive bookkeeping
  • the processing of tax returns from natural persons and legal entities as well as VAT returns, motor vehicle tax and real estate tax
  • the compiling of financial statements and provision of related activities
  • the elaboration of statements as well as reporting to the Statistical Office
  • other professional advisory services (business, organisational and economic consulting)


We offer our clients tax advice on a professional level, helping with the optimising of tax obligations, minimising tax risks and achieving the highest possible savings.

We provide professional help with pricing transactions between dependents for tax purposes, so that they meet the conditions of an independent relationship.

A special department with long years of practical experience and knowledge is devoted to the issue of transfer pricing, as well as preparing documentation related to transfer pricing.


We perform for our clients an analysis of the cost and profitability of processes that occur during the production of their products or the provision of their services. We also take part in the quality control of long-term and short-term financial plans and business plans as well as detailed calculations and budgets. We assess the fulfilment of set goals and search for the causes of any abnormalities.